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Plein Vol No.32

The sky s the limit During my first ever flight in a light aircraft, I never imagined that soaring up to the sky would give me such pleasure, the joy of leaving the ground behind and gaining a whole new perspective from above. I was late to discover light aircraft, invited by a friend (a pilot in his free time) to fly over the vast state of Oklahoma. It helped me to better understand his passion your passion one that accepts neither negligence nor approximation. It s what we always strive to apply at Total Aviation. Today, after my role as Managing Director of Total Belgium, I have the privilege of taking up the reins of this great team and I do so with enthusiasm. I m also well aware that, to serve this passion of yours, we must continue along the path set, one of proximity, operational excellence, safety, innovation and service in all its aspects. Furthermore, I take this opportunity to pay my respects to my predecessor Pierre-Yves Loiseau who took me under his wing and introduced me to the challenges of aviation fuels. I would also like to thank my new team for their warm welcome, even adding to this issue a timely reference to my country of origin, the birthplace of the comic strip, with a tribute to Buck Danny on his 70th birthday. This comic book character accompanied me throughout my teenage years. You will also find in this edition new and interesting articles taking you, among other countries, to Italy and the United Kingdom, along with a quick detour via France s most legendary golf courses. I hope you enjoy this issue and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with vitality and new discoveries!

Paul Mannes Director of Total Aviation

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With the PC-24, the Swiss manufac- turer Pilatus is testing a generation of jets which could mean big change. Grassy landing strips are no longer the preserve of propeller aircraft since this new twin-jet succeeded its first test landing at Woodbridge Airfield (UK). This promising start brings it closer to the valued Rough Field certification authorising aircraft to land on grassy landing strips and unpaved runways. This breakthrough opens up huge potential for jets, allowing both private individuals and non-government organisations to extend their reach. Total supported Pilatus during the three weeks of tests, providing a tanker of JET A-1 which supplied more than 20,000 litres of fuel.


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To see a video of the exploit, visit the manufacturer s YouTube channel:

As well as being a very popular surf spot, did you know that Biscarrosse (Landes, France) is also the capital of seaplanes? The adventure began in 1930 when Latécoère chose this small seaside resort in the Landes region as a location for assembly and testing. Ever since, the town has celebrated seaplanes, notably with an international meeting whose last edition was held in June. Total, supplier of AVGAS 100LL fuel via its automated station in the Village Aéronautique des Lacs airpark, was a partner of the event. Total also contributed to this exceptional airshow by bringing over a Grumman Albatross from the United States. This guest of honour brought to mind another Grumman Albatross, the HU 16-A. This

second seaplane, under restoration for the last two years, will soon be the masterpiece of the Biscarrosse Hydraviation Museum s collection. The whole region got involved so that this mythical aircraft could spread its wings once more. Beyond a heritage initiative, this project also played a social role. We trained job seekers to take part in the project and we are thrilled that some have been hired following this experience, welcomes Didier Lumalé, Director of Communication and Culture for Biscarrosse. Want to immerse yourself in the epic history of this prestigious aircraft? Get yourself to Biscarrosse!