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Each year, the Total teams get their creative thinking caps on to ensure fuel supply for some of the most challenging events and far-reaching lands. Whether amidst the major events they

host (Le Mans, Sarthe, France), beyond the seas (Marina di Campo on Elba Island, Italy) or at the very end of the road

(Saint Crépin, Hautes Alpes, France), Plein Vol takes you on a visit to these highly individual stations.

Illustration: Teff

Plein Vol No.32


E very year in June, the Le Mans circuit hosts a veritable tide of people who come to admire the

racing cars. But did you know that these spectacular vehicles arrive by air? International racing teams use the nearby airport of Le Mans-Arnage to land heavy aircraft carrying people and equipment. The challenge for the airport is to go from a monthly fuel consumption of 30 m3 to 130 m3 over a two- day period. A unique phenomenon in France and a real challenge for Cyril Cottet, Total Aviation s logistics coordinator. In addition to a huge increase in aircraft turnaround, the airport has to manage fuel supply closely in line with needs. We have to pull out all the stops within a very short period of time, explains Cottet. Needs for the event are assessed in May when the racing teams provide the airport with their flight plan. We also provide for any surprises , like the unexpected arrival of a private helicopter company and its high fuel consumption in 2017. An extra team is put into place during the event. A refueller lorry and its driver are positioned on site, while refuellers from neighbouring stations are called upon to work in parallel. Safety always comes first on the runway, particularly when we have to load several planes at the same time. What do I lose the most sleep over? Getting the timings right. Organising the tankers so we don t run out of fuel or have tanks hanging around on the sides of the runway. We also register a refueller for the road in case we need to go and urgently retrieve fuel from Tours airport, as was the case in 2016.

Le Mans airport.

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The restless nights of an Air Total logistics coordinator...

zzz another tough

delivery? zzzzzz

I dreamt that Thomas Pesquet

wanted 2m3 of AVGAS

delivered... to the MOON!!!